Section 8 Company Registration

Section 8 Company previously known as Section 25 Company under Companies Act 1956. For Section 8 Company Registration or NGO registration or Trust Registration under Companies Act there required at least two director. Such company must have object of Promotion of Arts or Science or Sports or commerce or education or protection of environment or social welfare and research and has intended to use its profit and other income in promoting its object and need to allow for payment of dividend to its member.
Procedure of Section 8 Company Incorporation:
1. To file form for Name availability in FORM INC-1
2. After getting name approval form concerned ROC there need to prepare ground of application, memorandum and Article of Association and need to file FORM RD-1 for license.
3. After getting approval from RD and getting License there need to file form for Incorporation i.e. INC-7, DIR-12 and INC-22.

Section 8 Company widely known as Non-Profit Organization registered under The Ministry of Corporate Affairs. We have option to Register NGO under Indian Trust Act as well as under Companies Act 2013. Section 8 Company formation is just like Private Limited company registration with some extra compliance i.e. RD-1.

There required following documents for Section 8 Company registration:-
1. PAN copy of both director duly attested
2. Voter ID/Aadhaar copy/Passport/ DL of both director duly attested
3. Mobile Bill or Telephone Bill or Bank Statement or Electricity bill for both director
4. Four photograph of each director
5. Electricity bill for Company Registered Office.

We provide NGO Registration or Trust Registration or Section 8 Company Registration or Section 25 Company Registration by whatever name called under Companies Act 2013 along with all advice for legal compliance.

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