Indian Company Registration

1. Private Limited company Registration

Before going for Private Limited Company registration every interested person needs to understand laws governing private limited company registration and it’s functioning. Private Limited company Registration is governed by Companies Act, 2013 as well as by Company Incorporation Rules, 2014 and to Register a Private Limited Company there required a minimum of Two Director and Two Shareholder. A Natural human being can be Director as well as shareholder at the same time therefore there required at least two

persons to start a private limited company incorporation. Companies Act, 2013 limits the liability of shareholder as well as liability of the director and that’s the benefits of private limited company formation. Private Limited Company can be formed by Corporates as well as by Individuals but corporate can only become Shareholder for company registration. If any Foreign Nation Individual or Company wants to form a private limited company, then they can do so with the help of at least one Indian Director and through Foreign Direct Investment. Private Limited company is preferred entity for

Foreign Direct Investment in permissible sector. With the help of following documents company can be formed in India: –

2. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration